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Where kids learn to be Active and Passionately Curious

To Innovate, it begins with what, why, and how...

"What makes this work?...Can I improve it?
Why is it done this way?....Can I make it easier?
How is this item made?...Can I make it better?"

Curriculum to stimulate the mind and body to increase focus

Solve problems creatively

Cope with positive mindset through obstacles and challenges

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Sign Up for Go Go Tennis & Enrichment- Year Round Tennis
Private or Semi Private Tennis Lessons
Saturday Tennis Clinics (group lessons)
(Ages 4 - 18)

Enrichment for After School, Fall and Spring Break (coming July 2017)

Sign up for 2017 Summer Camp

(See our summer program below)

Summer Tennis Camp

(Ages 8 -18)

Each camper will be challenged with fun and exciting games as well as tennis drills in shot selection, game strategies, and court positions that will improve camper's singles and double match plays.

Tiny Living - Micro Trailer

(Ages 10 - 18)

Learn home builder design principles and build a mobile shelter.

Camper will create a mobile sleeping pod that is sized appropriate for a single user.
Using everyday materials and basic construction tools and techniques, camper will build a light weight trailer that can be towed by a bicycle

Custom Action Figure

(Ages 10 - 18)

Join the fun and learn the art of making custom design action figure.  Campers will learn to use various material and methods to transform a store bought action figure into an one-of-a-kind action figure.  For the class, we will use a Blank Funko Pop figure and Campers will learn to  translate their concepts and make their figure into a treasured collector's item.

Ultimate Frisbee

(Ages 8 -18)

High Impact, Non-stop Fun and Movement.
Ultimate Frisbee combines athletic skills of running, catching and throwing. Additional skills and athleticism beyond that are left up to the player's imagination.


(Ages 10 - 18)

Be a space age farmer and learn to grow edible plants like the NASA astronauts.
Camper will build a basic aeroponic system adapted for home use.  The completed system grows plants in an air and water mist environment which promotes faster and robust plant growth, with less water and energy usage, compared to other types of growing systems.
Camper can enjoy their fresh harvest, year round, with their whole family.

DIY Letter Press

(Ages 10 - 18)

Letterpress printing is an intricate process that combines art and mechanical equipment to achieve the tactile and delicate nature of physically pressing ink onto paper creating a beautiful textural effect.
Campers will build a table top letterpress and learn the creative process of custom printing that gives character and charm to each of their projects.

Amazing Race

(Ages 8 -18)

Campers will be working in teams to speed through obstacles, solve puzzles, scavenger hunt and many more insanely fun tasks to race pass their competitions, and be crown,
Go Go Amazing Race Champion
at end of camp week

Vending Machine

(Ages 10 - 18)

Build a functional coin operated vending machine without the use of computer or electrical components. Using Cardboard only, campers will create their table top vending machine and learn the intricate mechanical engineering that enables the vending machine to collect the right coins before dispensing a single treat.

Movable Toys

(Ages 10 - 18)

Build a functioning multi-movement toy without the use of computer or electrical components. Using cardboard, campers will learn the intricate mechanical concepts of gear design/functions that will enable the toy to move and function.

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